We offer financing solutions for micro, small, and medium enterprises that are post-revenue, profitable, and scalable.

Our financing covers the acquisition of assets for productive use such as equipment, machinery, and working capital.

We don’t finance overheads, and other related expenses.

In doing this, we currently use Murabaha instrument, but we plan to cover other instruments in the future that include Musharaka, mudaraba, and Ijarah.

How much do we finance?

 We provide short-term finance of between TZS 300,000 as minimum, and TZS 500,000 as maximum per transaction, repayable in three (3) monthly installments. We can extend to TZS 1m per transaction for our good customers.

Our financing criteria

  • Operating the business for more than a year
  • Track record of profit and management
  • Operating a bank account in a sharia compliant bank/to open
  • Engaging in a sharia compliant business
  • Evidence of good record keeping
  • Registered and licensed business

Our process

  • You send us an email or a letter expressing your interest to be financed,
  • We send you the application form
  • We visit your business
  • Contracts and disbursements

NB: We charge a non-refundable processing fee of TZS 20,000, paid after reviewing and accepting your application

Contact Us

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