1. Murabahah
  2. A contract of sale between our company and you for the sale of goods at a price plus an agreed profit margin. The contract involves the purchase of goods by us which we then sell them to you at an agreed mark-up. Repayment can be in installments or with a single bullet amount

  3. Mudarabah
  4. It is a contract in which all the capital is provided by us while the business is managed by you. The profit is shared in pre-agreed ratios

  5. Ijarah
  6. Ijarah is an alternative to conventional lease contract.Ijarah refers to the process in which a financier (Jabalnur) and our client enter into a contract together enabling our client to purchase a property, vehicle or commercial asset

  7. Bay Salam
  8. Bai Salam is an Islamic contract in which full payment is made in advance for specific goods to be delivered at a future date. It is necessary that the quality of the commodity intended to be purchased is fully specified leaving no ambiguity leading to dispute


We will offer insurance services (Takaful) to individuals and businesses